Reinforcement Learning Summer SCOOL

  • What: two full weeks to discover the theory and practice of sequential decision making.
  • Topics: RL and bandits.
  • Where: Lille, France
  • When: July 1st – 12th, 2019
  • Organizers: SCOOL (formerly SequeL), research team from Inria, Universit√© de Lille, CRIStAL, CNRS.
  • Targeted audience: grad students, post-docs and professionals non-expert in RL/bandits. A prototypical example is a master student who will soon begin a PhD on these topics, either as the core topic of his/her research, or as a tool for his/her research. The RLSS is also very well suited for PhD students, researchers, or engineers who want to get a deep overview and a solid training on RL and bandits.

The European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL) and ICML 2015 are among the related events organized by SequeL and Inria.

Since we have received numerous requests regarding RLSS2020, for your information, we (we = SequeL/SCOOL) do not plan to organize RLSS in 2020. We invite you to apply for other related summer schools instead.

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